Top 5 Job Interview Tips For Freshers

Facing an interview is always stressful and if you are a fresher it can also trigger anxiety! While on one hand, you are excited to enter the corporate world, on the other hand, there is a constant fear of being rejected. However, rather than being overwhelmed with negative thoughts, it’s better to be prepared for the interview.

1. Know About Company and Job Role

The first and foremost step before going for any interviews is to do research about the organization you will be working for. You must go through the company website, its social media page, and research online about everything, including their year of establishment, work, competitors, challenges, and future goals. If you are asked, “What do you know about our company?”, then you must have the answer on your tips, do not fumble, and tell everything with confidence. Most of the candidates skip this important step and it gives the chance to the employer for cutting out them from the list.

2. Keep Documents At One Place

One of the most important things which should be done before going for an interview is to keep all your documents sorted. You must have several printed copies of your resume and do check them beforehand for any spelling errors or silly mistakes. Apart from this, line up all your academic documents, such as degrees, mark sheets, etc., both original and photocopies in one place for a hassle-free experience. You can also carry your previous internship certificates or any letter of recommendation issued by your previous mentor as it develops a bit more trust.

3. Prepare Well For Basic Interview Questions

Another tip for a successful interview is to prepare for the basic interview questions. There are many repetitive questions, which are asked by the employer, including “Tell us about yourself”, “What are your future goals?” “Why do you want to work with us?” “Talk about your strengths and weaknesses” and many more. Therefore do prepare the answers for these questions and make sure the answers match with your skills. You can also make your answers interesting by narrating them in the form of stories and adding examples from your previous experience. In addition to this, be confident, if you want you can also rehearse with your family and friends and work on your weaknesses. Hence, all these things will help you to be “smooth as silk” at the time of the interview.

4. Mock Interview

Mock interview acts as a complete informational guide for your actual job interview. It provides you with a fair opportunity to practice and improve the points you are weak at. You can prepare with family members, friends, or any of your mentors by creating a completely professional environment. Though it is just for practice, keep all the necessary documents in one place and along with the notepad to write down the feedback. Apart from this, wear formal attire and see whether you are comfortable in that or not. Moreover, avoid sounding like a robot, do not memorize the answers but communicate in a way so that it sounds engaging and makes you look appropriate for the job.

5. Dress Impressively and Be On Time

These are the two things, which most of the candidates skip, leading to the chances of losing their dream job. Therefore, if you are going for a job interview then you must dress sharply. Wearing a crisp shirt and pants along with neat shoes will make you look formal and interview-ready. Along with this, you can also carry a suit if required as it will help you look more presentable. “Say No” to big watches and jewelry and do not wear very strong perfume as these things can bring unwanted attention.

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